Gentle Sleep Consultant, Marta Neto

We’re pleased to invite gentle sleep consultant, Marta Neto to the Epping Forest Baby Show for the first time this year.

We asked our mums what they’d like to know, and they said: ‘SLEEP’!

As a leading paediatric Gentle Sleep Consultant, Marta will share her top tips to help your baby become a confident sleeper without tears and help you enjoy parenting to the max.

“I remember what lack of sleep feels like. But like me and so many other parents you can help your baby sleep well using gentle methods.

“If you want to prevent sleep problems or feel your child’s sleep has become a problem I can help!

“As your baby’s Gentle Sleep Consultant I will assess their needs and your concerns. You will then be able to implement a comprehensive Bespoke Sleep Plan written by me, specifically for your baby. You will know what to expect from your child at different ages and how to enable them to become confident, independent sleepers.

“My methods are gentle, holistic, multi-sensory and entirely compatible with attachment parenting. 

“You will feel confident, empowered, supported, and, above all….well rested!”

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