Birthing Calmly


Birthing Calmly Hypnobirthing classes are designed for mums of multiples or singletons. They take place in Harlow, Hertford and the surrounding areas.

There are three hypnobirthing courses to choose from:

  • A two hour Relax, Breathe & Birth class;
  • A three hour Bond with Baby session; and
  • The full ten hour Wise Hippo Birthing Programme experience.

After using the techniques to birth my own children (including full term twins) I am very passionate about the many benefits that Hypnobirthing has to offer.

Over the last year I have supported lots of mums. Some suffered birth trauma the first time around, some were first time parents and some just wanted a comprehensive antenatal programme that would support them and their family throughout their pregnancy and birth journey.

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