Bump to Home – Amanda Gaynor Maternity Nurse


As a multiples Maternity Nurse with over 20 years child care experience, one the first questions parents ask me about is Sleep!! We all love it, need it and crave it. With a newborn at home sleep deprivation sets in quite quickly, we’ll do anything it takes to settle our little one’s to sleep.

Come along on 4th July and find out how to settle your baby without tears, I’ll show you the signals of tiredness, how to calm a baby and how to promote a good pattern from the start.

I’ll also talk and show you about winding and techniques I use like, the jog, jig and running for the bus, these techniques I use at work and help baby have a better night’s sleep.

We’ll also talk about feeding, positions and what to expect. The talk will be packed full of hint and tips and there’ll be time for q&a at the end.

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